Past Events

Check out some of the past events CWRU DSC has participated in!

Intro to Git Workshop

On Feb. 19th the club went over the basics of Git/GitHub. First, Anika goes over some basic facts about how git was created and how it works in industry, and then Eddie gives a visual demonstration of how to create a GitHub repository for a project. In this demo, we go over the basics of initializing a git repo, adding/commiting changes, pushing/pulling, and branching/merging.

Pitch It To Win It

On Friday, November 15th, we collaborated with the ENTP+ club to hold our first joint event! The event consisted of 2 team-based speed pitching rounds, Mad Adz and Solution Space, where teams used their creativity and presentation skills to persuade judges to buy their product! In the end, each member of the winning team was presented with a gift prize ranging from $50-$100!

Interview with Google Engineer!

On October 9th, President Eddie held a mock interview with an L4 Google Engineer! In this session, we go over a behavioral interview, as well as a technical interview. Our engineer then gives some tips and tricks on how to ace your interview, and at the end answers questions!

C# Binary Files Workshop

On October 3rd at 3:00 PM, Freshman Michael Morreale hosted a workshop on Binary Files! In this video, we go over what binary files are, how they work, and have students go through making/reading them (first starting with a simple made up format, then moving onto something more complex like a WAV file). This workshop was mostly done in C# with Visual Studio!

Resume Workshop + Roast!

On October 2nd at 7:00 PM EST, DSC had our first virtual event! We invited experienced interns from Google, IBM, and Microsoft to give feedback on resumes that were submitted prior to the event.

Eddie and Anika also presented some general tips/advice on how to make your resume stand out!

Welcome To DSC!

Our first general body meeting was on Monday, September 21st. At this event, we introduced the Exec Board and their roles in the club. Then, our featured Google speaker, Danny Fiorillo, and President Eddie gave an overview on the purpose of Developer Student Clubs and offered insights on some exciting future events!

CWRU Virtual Club Fair

CWRU DSC began the year by inviting CWRU students to stop by their virtual booth via zoom to learn more about the club! We now have over 160 members and many more to come! Exec is definitely looking forward to working with y'all and hopefully we can provide a space for everyone to learn from each other, network, and have fun!

2020 North America Summit

This years summit was unlike any other! Although it was virtual, the team still learned a ton about running a DSC! Fortunately, the event was recorded and can be shared with the entire club!